The Arts Health ECRN is funded for 2017-2018 by the British Academy through a Rising Star Engagement Award. 

About us

Current opportunities


We are currently seeking regional representatives for England and representatives abroad to help us engage more early career researchers. Being a representative is a voluntary position and would involve helping to advertise the network to early career researchers in your area, identifying LINK and LEAD opportunities and supporting the development of the network. If you are interested in being a representative, please register your interest here.

Alternatively, if you think you have other skills that could benefit the network, please contact us.


The Team

Network lead: Daisy Fancourt                  @Daisy_Fancourt 

Network coordinator: Katey Warran      @Katey_W

Network coordinator: Saoirse Finn        @Saoirsefinn

Social media officer: Sarah Yorke            @Sarah_M_Yorke

Blog editor: Robyn Dowlen                        @RobynDowlen 

Area representatives 


England:            Katherine Taylor  (Manchester & Lancaster)

                            Louise Logan-Smith  (Middlesbrough)

                            Michelle Ulor  (Leeds)

                            Saima Nafis  (Coventry)

                            Emily Bradfield  (East Anglia)

                            Emma Broome  (Nottingham)

                            Nuala Morse  (Leicestershire)

                            Lorna Collins  & Hanna Toomey (Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire)

                            Mandeep Singh, Saoirse Finn, Neelam Shah  (Greater London)

                            Nicola Holt  (Bristol)

                            Rosanna Mead  (Dorset / Devon)

                            Emily Foulkes (Cornwall)

Scotland:          Eleanor Martin  (Glasgow)

                            Joy VamvakariKatey Warran  (Edinburgh)

N. Ireland:        Jenny Groarke  (Belfast)

Wales:               Frances Williams


Australia:         Elyse Williams & Joel Larwood  (Queensland)

                           Rebecca Vandyk (Melbourne)

                           Sanja Cajic (Sydney)

Austria:            Anja Feneberg  (Vienna)

Canada:            Laurie Sadowski  (Niagra)

                           Jennica Nichols (Vancouver)

                           Kendra Rieger (Manitoba)

Columbia:        Ana María Medina Chavez  (Bogotá)

Denmark:        Anita Jensen  (Aalborg)

Ethiopia:          Meron Sisay

Finland:            Liisa Laitinen  (Turku)

Greece:             Vinia Dakari (Thessaloniki) & Elisabeth Ionnides  (Athens)

Ireland:            Claire Meaney (Waterford) & Hilary Moss  (Limerick)

Malawi:            Chisomo Kalinga

New Zealand: Amber Walls  (Auckland)

Nigeria:            Kunle Adewale

Norway:           Gemma Goodall  (Trondheim)

Singapore:       Michael Tan Koon Boon

Spain:                Jordi Pèlach (Barcelona)

South Africa:   Caryn Green  (Johannesburg)

Tanzania:          Anicetus Cristian Lusale

United States: Amanda Hilligrass  (Pensacola, Florida)

                            Anna Holcomb  (Tacoma, Washington)

                            Autumn Marie Chilcote  (Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania)

                            Darryl Sweeper Jr  (Newton, Massachusetts)

                            Katrina Pineda  (Glendale LA, California)

                            Sarah Ness  (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Contact us


If you would like to advertise an event to members of the ECRN, suggest topics for podcasts or advertise a training or job opportunity, please use the bespoke links on the LINK, LEARN and LEAD pages respectively. For all other enquiries, please get in touch below.:

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